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From short, attention grabbing online video to long form multi episode series - Alpha Productions has the experience and expertise to provide any production needs you may have. We have worked with charities, third sector organisations and industry to provide a wide range of services.
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Gruff RhysSioned WiliamHuw StephensEsyllt SearsElliw GwawrPrys Morgan How can language be the key to culture, a different way of seeing the world and even to a personality? This podcast series - 'Two Languages One Brain' - produced by Alpha and presented by Elis James - explores...

Gwobrau Dwbl Rhaglen Ddogfen a Chyflwynydd [caption id="attachment_15697" align="alignleft" width="591"] Y Cynhyrchydd a'r Cyfarwyddwr, Iwan England, yn casglu gwobr Gwyn Alf Williams am y Rhaglen Ddogfen Orau[/caption] Llwyddodd Cynyrchiadau Alpha i ennill dwy wobr BAFTA Cymru yn ddiweddar ar gyfer 'Aberfan - The Fight for Justice' a...